Music Theory

Music Theory & Aural Training

Understanding music theory is a very important part of studying music, and will deepen each student’s understanding of his/her instrument and repertoire, thus making him/her a more effective and conscientious performer. Also, taking part in a Music Theory class would allow more time to focus on one’s discipline  during his/her private lesson.

The Music Theory class would cover the following areas:

• Beat & Rhythm

⇒ Identifying note values and names, reading/performing and writing

• Pitch & Melody

⇒ Identifying pitch names (Alphabet and Solfege), reading and writing, phrasing and form

• Harmony

⇒ Recognizing and writing intervals, chords and progressions, and basic composition rules and techniques

• Music Symbols & Vocabulary

• Aural (Ear) Training

⇒ Identifying and performing intervals, major/minor chords, chord progressions, & short melodies

Provided there are enough students (2 minimum), classes will be held for 45 minutes, one time per week. Groups will be assembled according to the exam level for which the student wishes to prepare, and/or the student’s age. Optionally, a student may wish to study Music Theory individually, which will allow the student to move at his/her own pace.