The voice is one of the few instruments which we can all carry with us, anywhere that we go. We are born with the ability to make sound, and within the first few years of life can even learn to sing and match pitch. It is part of life - it helps to define our culture, and our world.

Through the Music for Little Mozarts program, singing and pitch & rhythm concepts are introduced to 4-6 years olds through the Kodály method. However, serious vocal study does not happen until around 7 years of age, give or take, depending on each individual student's vocal instrument and his/her ability to focus and learn.

Both private and group singing lessons are offered during the week to cater to each individual's needs, whatever the age. Whether your goal is to simply feel more confident about your voice when singing in front of your friends and family, or to pursue a career as a vocal performer, your lesson will be tailored to suit your needs.


Elements of singing which are explored during lessons include:


* Singing posture * Breathing technique & breath support/control *

* Expanding vocal registers  * Register blending *Vocal projection *

* Resonance * Diction * Interpretation * Basic music theory * 

* Mic and performance technique * Stage presence *

* Varied musical repertoire *


Experience is key to learning, so I encourage students to experiment with a wide range of singing styles, including musical theatre, pop, jazz, and classical, just to name a few.


Performance is also a key learning experience, and I will keep you posted on any opportunities, including competitions, auditions, and performances which may arise, so that you may have the option of taking part. These are great opportunities which give students the chance to work specifically on mic technique and stage presentation, and overcoming stage fright and performance jitters. 

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